The Most Famous Coloured Gems in Hollywood

Our Version: Rose Gold Halo Engagement Ring

Just Call Her Mrs. Rose Gold Reynolds… 

Blake’s 7-carat Engagement Ring

Blake Lively is the leading lady of oval engagement rings with multiple rose gold bands in Hollywood. Ryan Reynolds proposed to Blake with a romantic light pink oval shaped diamond on 3 thin rose gold bands, which definitely plays tribute to her stylish character in Gossip Girl. Ryan and famous custom jeweller to the stars, Lorraine Schwartz, worked carefully together for quite sometime to craft the perfect classic looking ring with a nod to Art Deco vintage-inspired styles. The ring is one of the largest oval cut diamonds in Hollywood and is estimated at over a million dollars. Wow!

Carrie’s Canary Yellow Dream Diamond 

Carrie’s 12-carat Round Brilliant Cut Engagement Ring

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Our Version: Canary Yellow Dream Diamond Ring

Carrie Underwood custom designed her engagement ring around a 5 carat yellow diamond, to which she added a halo and bands totalling an additional 7 carats of white diamonds. Made by jewellery designer Johnathon Arndt, the ring is worth more than $150,000, with some jewellery experts appraising it closer to one million, based on its shock value alone. In addition to designing this engagement ring, NHL star and Peterborough-born, Mike Fisher, also commissioned a custom-made diamond tiara for their wedding day. He presented this over-the-top gift to his wife just before she walked down the aisle. Must be nice to have a skating rink of diamonds… (pun intended).


Our Version: Art Deco Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring with Emerald Accents

Our Version: Art Deco Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring with Emerald Accents

Olivia’s Emerald Halo Engagement Ring

Emeralds at First Sight

Olivia Wilde’s classic vintage-halo ring matches her classic looks, though fiancé Jason Sudekis swears he chose it for her because the teal coloured diamonds in it are a perfect match for her eyes. Olivia’s vintage halo ring was created in Paris in 1921, and features a white diamond centre stone surrounded by blue-green diamonds on a thin gold band. Olivia wanted a ring with a story and loves imagining the history of her ring and who wore it in the past. Olivia first wore her ring in public at a court side LA clippers game in February 2013, when she and Jason were photographed showing it off to Tom Hanks, Christopher McDonald and Ben Stiller who were sitting next to them. So much for their “secret” engagement!

The Commoner’s Sapphire

Princess Diana’s Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Princess Kate’s blue sapphire ring originally belonged to Princess Diana and was chosen by her younger son, Prince Harry, as a keepsake after Diana’s untimely death. However, when the elder son, Prince William, decided to propose to Kate Middleton, Harry allowed him to make it Kate’s.

Our Version: Blue Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

Our Version: Blue Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

While famous, this ring was not custom made for Diana. It was purchased by Charles and Diana after dinner one night from a selection of rings brought for their consideration by London jeweller Garrard.

It came from Garrard’s publicly available collections, which is one reason why it gained the moniker “Commoner’s Sapphire”, although that term has also been used to refer to Kate, who is not of royal descent. You go girl! The center stone is a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire and is surrounded by 14 diamonds.

I’ll Take 140 Diamonds Please…

Our Version: Halo Ruby Sapphire Engagement Ring

Ashlee Simpson has been blessed with a custom extravagant Ruby engagement ring (not to mention a handsome man to go with it!). Her ring was created just for her in platinum and gold with over 140 white diamonds, accented by small deep pink rubies.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 2.50.27 PM

Ashlee’s 5-carat Platinum & Gold Engagement Ring

Evan Ross, son of the legendary Diana, seems to have inherited his mother’s flair for showmanship.  His vintage-inspired design totals 5-carats and was executed by Neil Lane, with Evan by his side every step of the way to make sure Neil was meeting his specific wishes for the ring. The designer raved about Evan’s “exquisite taste” … and it sure shows through this ring!


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