Cufflinks For Every Kind of Father

There’s a pair of cufflinks for every personality out there. Read on for tips on how to pick the best pair for the fathers in your life. 

You really can’t go wrong when choosing cufflinks as a Father’s Day gift. After all, cufflinks have been in use for centuries. The possibilities are endless—but for some people, too much choice can be overwhelming. Cufflinks are a small but mighty accent on a French cuff shirt; that little accessory packs a real statement. What kind of father do you have?

Handmade Sterling Silver Studio1098 Scrabble Cufflinks


Does your dad have a hobby? Hobby lovers are probably the most fun dads to choose gifts for, especially customizable gifts like cufflinks. Whether he’s a music lover, coffee fanatic, or Scrabble fan, there’s a fun cufflink for every hobby. Airplane cufflinks are great for travellers.


Dad can bring that lifelong passion for sports onto his shirts with fun, sporty cufflinks. These goalie mask cufflinks are a great conversation starter, and can be made in the colours of Dad’s favourite hockey team. We also love our basketball cufflinks, which come in orange or oxidized silver.


 The classy father doesn’t need anything too whimsical or funky. He likes his cufflinks to convey his serious, I-mean-business personality. Choose a sophisticated, classy pair that  will help Dad look sharp in the boardroom and is easily matched with his dress shirts. Look for solid sterling silver cufflinks in geometric shapes with classic designs to amplify that timeless look.

Handmade Sterling Silver Studio1098 Basketball Cufflinks


There are many ways for Dad to show his Canadian pride in cufflink form. These sterling silver Maple Leaf cufflinks can be worn on a variety of occasions, making a quiet but profound statement. Nickel and penny cufflinks are whimsical and can be made in custom years. For those fathers who are connected to the military, our poppy cufflinks are a deep and sentimental choice.

Handmade Sterling Silver Studio1098 Rectangular Cufflinks


If you’re looking for sentimental cufflinks to make for Dad, you can always personalize them by engraving names, initials, symbols, or dates, or by including the birthstones of family members. We can even make cufflinks that incorporate fingerprints. Personalized cufflinks are extremely thoughtful and a lovely way to convey how special Dad really is.

Handmade Sterling Silver Studio1098 Maple Leaf Cufflinks

Your Dad may fall into a few of these categories, in which case it’s a good thing Father’s Day is an annual holiday! What kind of cufflink style best suits your Dad’s personality? Let us know in the comment section below!

All of our in-stock cufflinks are exchangeable (but not refundable) unless they have been customized, in which case they are final sale.

Handmade Sterling Silver Studio1098 Engravable Cufflinks

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