Custom Jewellery Design at Studio1098

 Custom Star Bracelet made as a 10th Anniversary Gift

We intend to build a relationship with you that will last a lifetime, and we want you to LOVE the jewellery you buy from us.  If you choose us to make a piece of custom jewellery for you, we will pay attention to the feeling you want to create with your design, we will respect your budget, and we will spend as much time with you as it takes to get the design right.  Examples of the types of custom jewellery we make are:

  • Custom engagement rings and custom wedding bands

  • Family rings and other personalized jewellery incorporating birthstones and other symbols of family

  • Custom cufflinks

  • Custom anniversary gifts, custom birthday gifts and other custom jewellery gifts


Key To My Heart Pendant

Custom Heart Pendant Anniversary Gift

Our custom jewellery design clients typically come to us with a design direction and a budget.  The design direction can be clear and precise, or it can be a general sense such as “an art-deco inspired sapphire pendant” with a collection of images of jewellery that you like that you’d like the design to be influenced by.


We work with you through design consultations in our studio to develop your design and select any stones that we are sourcing for you.  Once the design is sufficiently developed through sketches and discussions, we produce a technical drawing or computer rendering that will give you a good sense of the proportions and look of your design.  Once the drawings are approved, we produce a wax model and once that is approved, we make the piece!

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