Elongated Oval Lapis Necklace with Yellow Gold Beads and Yellow and White Gold Clasp

Elongated Oval Lapis Necklace with a Yellow and White Gold Clasp

Lapis lazuli has been mined in Afghanistan for millennia. Lapis is composed of a mixture of minerals, the most prominent of which is lazurite, with veining of calcite (white) and pyrite (gold).

I bought several significant strands of lapis a few years ago and put them away, planning to string them one at a time. I'm really glad I did because the lapis fields have since become contentious, with many gemmologists (including me) considering lapis mined recently to be a conflict mineral because of the role revenue from lapis mining is currently playing in financing the Taliban. It is very important to me that all of my lapis was sourced from what I believe to be reputable sources prior to this escalation.

This strand is made up of lapis beads knotted with 18K yellow gold laser cut accent beads and a white and gold clasp. The length is approximately 18 inches.


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