Knotted Chrome Diopside Necklace with Rose and White Gold Clasp

Knotted Chrome Diopside Flat Bead Necklace with Rose Gold and White Gold Clasp

Chrome diopside was only discovered in 1988, and initially, all of the material came from Eastern Siberia, though recently, deposits have also been discovered in Pakistan. Though it is relatively new, I predict it will be in demand because naturally occurring bright green gemstones are very rare.

I bought the materials for this chrome diopside necklace from a Brazilian supplier of mine at the Tucson gem shows, and they are Russian in origin (the beads were cut and tumbled in Brazil. The colour is rich, though included, and the necklace has a ton of presence and sparkle.

This necklace measures approximately 18" and the largest bead is approximately 15 mm x 23 mm.


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