Round Garnet Bead and Rose Gold Necklace

Round Garnet Bead and Rose Gold Necklace

Tamara hand picked this gorgeous garnet strand on her most recent trip to the Tucson Gem Show. The name garnet comes from the Latin garanatus, because the rich, deep colour of the best red garnet is the same as the seeds from a ripe pomegranate.

Garnet is both the birthstone for January and the traditional gift for the second year of marriage. Because of Garnets excellent durability, remnants of garnet jewellery can be found as far back as the Bronze Age.

We have mixed some 18K rose gold laser-cut beads to add some sparkle as well as an 18K rose gold ball clasp. This necklace features 7mm garnet beads, and measures approximately 15 inches long.


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