Handmade Sterling Silver Neck Tie Cufflinks

Handmade Sterling Silver Necktie Cufflinks

The necktie probably entered into fashion history as a result of the 30 year war in France in the 17th century, when Croatian mercenaries hired by King Louis XIII wore a cloth tied around their necks as part of their uniform. Louis liked the decorative look, so he brought it into Court dress and called it "La Cravate" to honour the Croatian soldiers. One thing led to another, and the necktie we know today evolved in the 1920's.

I originally made these because my good friend (and excellent immigration lawyer) Chantal Desloges of Desloges Law Group asked me for a silent auction item for the Homes First Tie One on Gala. Thoughtful gifts make the best gifts, so if you like my Tie Cufflinks, consider pairing them with a donation to Homes First for a truly meaningful gift that will help provide shelter for the chronically homeless in Toronto.

Our neckties are handmade in sterling silver and we can paint them in any colour combination you'd like. We're also working on a polka dot and bowtie version! Email tamara@studio1098.com if you'd like to customize your colours.


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