14K White Gold Pendant featuring 1.27 Carat Cushion Cut Tanzanite and Diamond Halo

White Gold Pendant Featuring Cushion Cut Tanzanite and Diamond Halo

Tanzanite is among the most romantic of gemstones, conjuring up images of adventure on the Savannah. In this necklace, a 1.27 carat cushion cut tanzanite is surrounded by diamonds that amplify it's impact with excellent proportions.

Shelley, our Studio Manager, has her eye on this necklace for Valentine's Day. Shelley says: "Few things are more classically cool than a gemstone pendant, and I’m particularly in love with this one. Something about the vibrant purple cushion-cut tanzanite, and the glittering white diamonds just speak to me. Whether worn to add that little bit of elegance to a t-shirt and jeans, or as part of an evening ensemble, this necklace really goes from day to night. The lucky lady to receive this will never want to take it off!"


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