A Unique Experience


Victoria & Chris Jewelery image Image Credit: @dashrodina

Victoria & Chris

Our Studio1098 experience began with an email to Tamara inquiring about potential engagement ring ideas for Victoria. We met with a couple different jewelers but it was very clear from meeting with Tamara that there was something special about her and Studio1098. It took some time to find the right stone, but Tamara was dedicated to helping us create a unique and beautiful ring. Throughout the whole experience Tamara has been incredibly generous with her time and resources. The end result is that both Victoria and I have wonderful rings that we love and a dear friend in Tamara.
Kerri & Jeff Jewelery image Image Credit: Sweetheart Empire

Kerri & Jeff

I love everything about my ring, but I am most in love with the fact that there is a story behind it. It has a history that goes far beyond my little family. An old diamond, a new setting. A man who didn't really know what ring he wanted, but knew that I would want to support a jeweller who took time to get to know me, even before meeting me.
Heather & Tom Jewelery image Image Credit: Alexa Fantham

Heather & Tom

Tamara/Studio1098 were very professional and I always had full confidence in them throughout the engagement ring and wedding band process. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to go with Studio1098.
Rena & Travis Jewelery image

Rena & Travis

Aside from it being one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry I have ever seen, the fact that I know this ring is truly one of a kind and was made just for me, is my favourite part. It is even more beautiful than what I had envisioned and collaborating with my husband-to-be to make it come to life was incredibly special.
Viktoriia & Georg Jewelery image

Viktoriia & Georg

Studio1098 is a small boutique jewelry store, but the quality, commitment to the craft and the customer are beyond standard. I have to say that I’ve been to many jewelry stores around the world, but the experience that Studio1098 offered was by far the most amazing.
Katie & Conor Jewelery image

Katie & Conor

When I walked into Studio1098 and met Tamara I knew I had met someone who was passionate about creating a piece of art that was reflective of the feelings I have for Kate. She took time to make sure I could ask all the questions I had, without rushing a response... I couldn’t wait to propose to Kate, and proud of what Tamara and I put together.

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About Us

People always want to know how Studio1098 is different than Tiffany's, Birks, Spence Diamonds, Cartier, and other big chain jewellery stores. Studio1098 is a small boutique - I don't use (or like) high-pressure sales tactics, and I design and make everything we sell with help from my team.

My designs are influenced by many genres and eras of jewellery. I'm inspired by vintage and antique jewellery, especially Art Deco and Art Nouveau pieces. I've designed and made pieces influenced by my travels, design and architecture. I love, geometry and nature. I like to play around with my designs so that there's always something new going on in the studio.

When I do custom design work, I am inspired by you - my client. I want to take the ideas that you have in your head and turn them into exactly what you're looking for.

So please be in touch - let me know what you’d like to make, and we’ll find a way to make it happen!