Artisan Gem Bead Collection

Every year in February, Tamara goes down to the Tucson Gem Shows looking for the interesting and the unusual.

Tucson hosts the largest collection of simultaneous gem shows in the world, and Tamara uses her gemmological expertise to uncover and collect gemstone beads to make one-of-a-kind pieces for the studio. The pieces in this collection are all created in the studio from strands of interesting gemstone beads that Tamara has collected from the Tucson Gem Shows and her other gem-related travels.

For each piece, we’ve tried to include a description of the clasp and any other findings, along with the length and price of each item. You’ll notice that the photography in this section is less formal than the photography on the rest of the website. There is only one of each piece available, so once someone has purchased it, the piece is gone. We do our best to keep the site up to date, and apologize if we’re still displaying something that we’ve recently sold, but we cannot guarantee that any of the pieces here are still available.

The pieces in this section can be shipped or picked up at the studio. They can be exchanged at the studio within two weeks of delivery, but are not refundable. If you break your necklace, we will restring non-knotted pieces at no charge provided you cover getting the necklace to the studio and picking it up, but knotted pieces will incur an additional charge. All measurements are approximate, and if you have any questions about the items in this section, we encourage you to call the studio at 416-944-1098 or to email us at before making a purchase.

There are no products in this collection.

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